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This section takes you through my experience of building the AudioNote Kit1 PQ Signature Edition SET amplifier. I hope this set of pages encourages others to follow suit into this interesting and rewarding area.

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This kit will build a very high quality Single-Ended, Class A, directly heated triode amplifier. The amplifier will support a single line source (unless a pre-amp is used that will support more sources) as it incorporates a volume control.

It has a class A output of 8watts per channel. Don't be put off by this seemingly low wattage as it is every bit as loud, position for position, as my my old 40W Linn solid state amplifier was through the same speakers.

It also has an input impedance of around 100K which is more than ample for a huge range of source components.

The arrival / First impressions

The kit took a little under 3 days from dispatch from Canada to my doorstep in England (UK) - I was able to track the order all the way.

The first thing to note was the sheer weight of the box - a massive 63lbs (nearly killed me carrying it up 2 flights to the loft extension) - I later found that the majority of the weight was contained in the two huge TRANS 300 output transformers which really are heavy.

The kit was superbly packed.

Upon order confirmation, I was given a link to an online version of the standard Kit1 manual that contains many photos. This was very useful and satisfies you for the time it takes for the order to arrive. It allows you to plan out the build in your mind and probably reduces the number of mistakes that people make as a result - which is a good thing for everyone.

The quality of the parts is apparent as soon as you open the box and remove the first layer of packaging - very high standard.

Most of the smaller components and assemblies are split into 7 'equipment bags'. Each of these bags contains an inventory sheet and are referred to from the manual. One of the first things that is recommended by the manual is that you check the contents of these bags against the inventories - a good idea just in case an item is missing; then any missing components can be sent while you are building other parts of the kit. Just to note that nothing was missing!

One of the equipment bags contains ALL of the screws, nuts, and washers required. Instead, however, of just sepatating them into sizes, they are instead separated by build area. So, there is a bag for the output transformers, one for the baseplate, one for driver PCB, etc. There are 9 kit bags altogether within that equipment bag. This is a good idea as other kits that I have bought in the past have just sorted by size and you tend to take forever finding what you need.

For anyone who is interested, the stainless steel chassis measures in at 435mm x 300mm x 55mm.
The TRANS300 output transformers measure in at 138mm x 115mm x 105mm approx.

About the Kit1 Range

The PQ Signature Kit1 is at the top of the Kit1 amplifier range. The full range consists of the following standard models:

For more information and pricing, please visit the AudioNoteKits.com website.

Differences between this and the basic Kit1

Some of the differences between this (the PQ Signature Edition) and the standard Kit1 (at time of writing) are:

Optional copper shrouds are also available for the output transformers.

In effect, it is a Kit1 with all available upgrades plus more (although I'm sure there would be a way to rebuild an existing standard Kit1 to the new spec).

Fitting the Mains Transformer and Choke Mains Wiring Power Supply Board Construction Driver Board Construction Filament Board Construction 300B Chassis Sub-Assembly Output Transformer Assembly Speaker Terminals Wiring Looms Final Checks Miscellaneous Pictures PQ Signature Kit1 Review

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