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Speaker Kit03 Build - The Kit Itself

The kits come in a rather heavy box. One side of the box contains everything for one speaker and the other side everything for the other speaker. This is important to note because the speakers and crossover for each channel have been calibrated and matched together and so should not be mixed up. The tweeters reside down the centre of the box but are contained in plastic bags that are taped to their respective matched woofer. In addition, each matched group of components carries an identifier number so that you know which group a component belongs to.

The full compliment of parts is as follows:

The crossovers are mounted directly onto the rear faceplate that contains the input terminals. This is done to keep wire lengths down to an absolute minimum. There are four input terminals per speaker (2 for low frequency +/- input and 2 for high frequency +/- input). This allows you to bi-amp the speakers if you wish to. Most people, however, would not do this and these would then be shorted together with wire links (supplied) so that a single +/- input can be used.

The bass ports and t-nuts were already fixed to my cabinets.

The wadding appears to be some kind of fine wool-like material.

Now, let's have a closer look at each of the active components.

Crossover/Rear Panel

Shown above is the rear panel shown from both sides. As you can see, it also contains the hard-wired crossover. This is a very efficient way to arrange the crossover as it keeps wire lengths to an absolute minimum.

The speaker terminals are good sturdy Audio Note silver ones. There are one pair for high frequency and one set for low frequency. This enables the speakers to be wired in a number of ways, including bi-amping etc. For normal operations (i.e. a single run of speaker cable), hefty silver link wires are provided to short the HF/LF connections so as to effectively leave one pair of connectors.


The woofers in the Kit03 are 8-inch silver voice coil, high efficiency drivers capable of an efficiency of around 98db.


The tweeters in the Kit03 are 1-inch dome silver voice coil tweeters. These are soft-dome tweeters so you must make sure you don't try to touch the dome when you pick them up (if you do, a trick is to put your mouth over the dome and suck).

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