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AudioNote Kit1 Phono Stage Signature - Secondary Wiring

Snubber circuit

The first thing to do is to solder a snubber circuit across the 400-300-0-300-400 wiring. This joins together both of the 400v taps via a capacitor in series with a resistor.

Doing this first should make the following wiring easier to achieve.

Planning the wiring

Looming the wires from the secondary required a little planning so I drew a diagram for the purpose - and here it is:

I also included the choke leads and remaining ground leads (i.e. the ones requiring chassis earth).

Wire(s) Description

There are 2 earth wires:
1. GND on PSU board to Earth Tag.
2. 0v on 400-300-0-300-400 taps to Earth Tag.

These two wires go from terminals marked 13v6 on the PSU board to the 8 and 8 taps of the 8-0-8 winding. Note the 0v tap of this winding is not used.

These two wires go from the terminals marked 300 and 300 on the PSU board to the 300v taps of the 400-300-0-300-400 winding.

These two wires connect the filament wires of the valves. Black connects pin 2 of the 6X5 to 0v of the 0-6.3 winding and Blue connects pin 7 of the 6X5 to 6.3 of the same winding. These will be attached to one of the valve bases on the underside of the board.

These two wires are from the choke and connect to the two terminals marked CH on the PSU board.


I began by soldering the relevant wires to the PSU board. I then laced back toward the transformer; including the necessary wires as I went along.

Now, because most of the wires had to 'turn a corner', I continued to lace in a straight line, estimating where each would exit the loom. Fortunately this worked out well. Once the lacing was complete, the wires were bent into place and soldered.

The completed loom including the snubber circuit

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