Hi-Fi Kit Building

DAC Kit 1.1 Upgrades

I had been waiting a long time for official upgrades to come out for the DAC Kit 1.1. It turned out, however, that a new DAC Kit was being developed (the DAC Kit 2.1).

I have heard that there will be a new upgrade that will take either a DAC Kit 1.1 or 1.2 to the new 2.1 standard. However, I decided to simply build the new DAC Kit 2.1 from scratch. That way, I would still have my trusty DAC Kit 1.1 for a second system and could always upgrade it some time in the future.

I admit to have been tempted by many unofficial upgrades announced by various people but I had always decided against that approach because of the possible conflict with any official ones that may have come about.

So my DAC Kit 1.1 remains as-is for the time being.

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