AudioNote AN-V Interconnect Cable Review

The AudioNote AN-V interconnect cable is a symmetrical 99.99% silver litz coax cable containing 15 strands of 0.1 mm diameter.

In the past, I have experimented with various copper cables, including OFC (Oxygen Free Copper). I had various degrees of success with these.

When I purchased my CDT-One CD transport from AudioNote UK directly from Peter Qvortrup, he also supplied me with a single AN-V cable for use as a digital interconnect for a very low cost. This cable turned out to be excellent for the job.

Some weeks later, I re-contacted Peter and asked if he could supply me with a pair of AN-V's for twice the price of the original single. He explained that the original price was a very special one just to get me started on the right track with my CDT-One so I wouldn't be disappointed with the results. I thought that was the end of the story but he then went on to tell me that he'd had some cables made up by an employee who had made them the wrong length and, as such, couldn't really sell them through normal channels - he used them for demonstration purposes instead. A deal was struck, and he charged me for one length of stereo pair (again at a reduced price) but surprised me by generously sending me two. These both included very high quality silver phono connectors.

Using the AN-V's between my DAC and amplifier simply proved to be one of the best upgrades I have ever experienced. Many years ago, I would never have believed the possibility of any interconnect making a truly significant difference to the sound of audio equipment - but we live and learn. The change in transparency and resolution is quite amazing - one of the mysteries of silver.

This cable is also used internally in the PQ Signature Kit1 as the main input signal cable.

At time of writing, AudioNote have three silver interconnect cables to offer. The AN-V is the cheapest of these. The AN-V is followed by the AN-Vx (symmetrical 99.99% silver litz coax 20 strands 0.09 mm) and the SOGON (Dual symmetrical 99.99% silver litz coax 42 strands).

So, if the AN-V can make so much difference to my system, I wonder what their top-of-the-range SOGON cable would make - an experience I will probably have to wait a very long time for, due to the extreme price. Oh well!

Written by Paul Brookes
Published 10th May 2005

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